55 Leone Lane
Chester, NY 10918
FX: 845-469-7618


   Specializing in virtually everything made of metal, Brakewell has produced trash bins for the New York City subway system, stage lighting yokes, wood burning stoves, dumbwaiter cars, and thousands of other products. Often, the steel fabricators fashioning a customized piece can only guess at the form a finished product will take. It could be a base or a bracket; a rack or a trough. Sometimes it is simply a piece of someone else’s machine. 
   More often than not, Brakewell’s work is not seen in the final product at all, but hidden under sidewalk curbing, in the stretch of a limousine or as the steel skeleton of a statue base or a stair tread of a curved stair.
   Elaborate curved stairs, have been fabricated by Brakewell for Manhattan’s Trump Tower, the NBA Hall of Fame, the Time/Life Building, the Chanel Boutique, the ESPN Sportzone Restaurant in Times Square, as well as in the homes of such celebrities as Billy Joel and Dustin Hoffman. Brakewell built the boom used to replace the torch of the Statue Of Liberty. The company also fabricated the risers and treads of the Statue’s winding interior stairs.
   In 2002, Brakewell fabricated the perimeter boundary enclosure at Ground Zero on the World Trade Center site.
   With Frank Azarenok’s death in 1978, and the subsequent buyout of Herman Kula’s share of the business in 1986, Dan Doyle Sr. remained as Brakewell’s president and only active founder. During the 1980’s Doyle was joined in the steel business by Tom and Daniel Jr. Tom entered the family enterprise upon completion of college in 1984 and managed the company’s sales and marketing division, and production scheduling. Dan Jr. joined Brakewell in 1986 and has expertise in the financial and administrative operations. Together, Brakewell services customers throughout the Northeast and in some cases nationally. In 1998 Dan Doyle Sr. retired and Tom and Dan Jr. became co-owners. In 2004 Dan Doyle Jr. bought out Tom Doyle and now is sole owner of Brakewell Steel Fabricators.
   Currently Brakewell Steel Fabricators employs 45 workers, 35 of whom practice their trade in the shop, shearing, punching, bending, burning, sawing, rolling or welding raw sheets of steel into parts or whole products.

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